Celebrating International Children’s Day

June 1st is the International Children’s Day (at least in some countries).

This year I decided to celebrate it with my inner child and I took it to the Hintertux Glacier.

The conditions were, as usual at this time of year, quite challenging for me, with stone-hard corduroy in the morning and soft, wet, bumpy snow in the afternoon. And thunderstorms, lots of thunderstorms around while you ski in the afternoon. But – come on – it’s June, so no complaints! 🙂

Except for sport teams and athletes, practicing on  selected slopes, there were hardly any recreational skiers, leaving more than 20km of slopes to me:

What I also like in late-spring and summer skiing is that it’s nice and warm in the valley, so when you’re done skiing you can change your clothes to summer ones and enjoy the rest of the long, summer day.

You can rent a bike, go to the water park, wander, pretend to be Ed Sheeran in “Perfect” video, explore the glacier, catch marmots, pet cows, walk from one closed restaurant to another starving, etc.

However what I actually did was a great, long sleep from 6.30pm to 6.30am.
“Me Time”!